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Self-regulation technique helps students focus in class. Watch the CBC News Documentary.
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Enhancing the potential in children. Education, Self-Regulation.

Our Vision

The dream inspiring The MEHRIT Centre is to enhance the mental and physical well-being of every child, and to reframe our understanding of misbehaviour so that we can help all children find the path to realizing their true potential. Our long-term goal is to give children the tools they need to self-regulate and to enjoy and learn from their interactions.

We do that through running state-of-the-art neuroscience research, providing consultation services to children and families in need of them, providing self-regulation training and resources to educators, clinical support agencies, and by partnering with scientists and leaders at other organizations with similar interests.

The Milton Ethel Harris Research Initiative and Training Centre
(The MEHRIT Centre or TMC)

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About The MEHRIT Centre

The Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative has been established first and foremost to help parents and educators ‘reframe’ a child’s behavior to understand the reasons why a child might be having problems. The key to healthy functioning is understanding.

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Online Learning by Peersite

Join the Global Self-Regulation Community! You’ll receive exclusive videos from Dr Shanker and TMC Staff, participate in cutting-edge discussions, learn ‘Best Practices’, and be able to ask questions to the world’s leading S-R Team. If you’re interested in being a part of the future of Self-Regulation, this is the tool for you!

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Our goal is to make cutting-edge scientific information readily available and to suggest techniques that have been shown to significantly enhance the effectiveness of Self-Regulation.

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Self-Regulation Summer Symposium

July 13, 2015 … more

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News & Headlines

Dr. Shanker interviewed for National Post article

April 10, 2015

Dr. Stuart Shanker was interviewed for an article published in the National Post on April 2nd. An excerpt of the piece titled, The death of the e… more

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